How Was The Show? Florence And The Machine Xfinity June 7

Hey guys-

They have officially begun...Radio 92.9's summer concerts at the Xfinity Center!  And last night June 7th, Florence and the Machine did the honors.  Radio 92.9 listener, fan, friend Rhea Reed was at the show and shared her experience.  (Thanks Rhea!) 😉


Here's what she had to say:

What a show !! From the minute she hit the stage to the very last note, the air and energy were electric. She opened with What the Water Gave Me and sang for nearly two hours. There was a good variety of songs, of course Dog Days and a personal favorite Drumming Song. She ran around the venue at one point, and clearly loved interacting with fans in the front. She asked , for one song (How Big, How Blue ) that 'everyone put away their phones and be together '--and everyone did .  She expressed a lot of love for Massachusetts, noting that we "have a lot of love to give." The band was great as well.  Another fun moment was when she asked everyone to "take something off and wave it in the air " and gleefully whirled around someone's shirt. The whole place was on it's feet the entire time , and it was amazing from start to finish.

I did not get to see the opening act due to massive traffic-- Xfinity (come on it's Great Woods) is notorious for having terrible parking/traffic..but it was worth it.

And here are some Twitter posts from others (so you can feel like you were right there, without the 3 hour wait out of the parking lot at 11pm)...

tess on Twitter

Florence being the amazing human being she always is

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