The Kills Killed At The Paradise Last Night (Review & Photos)

Review and photos by Helena Akhtar Photo.

New to The Kills I wasn't sure what to expect. The night started with L.A. Witch, an all girl trio from-you guessed it-L.A. Their name was fitting with haunting instrumentals and minimal lyrics.

The Kills came in swinging with 'No Wow' then right into 'U.R.A. Fever' without letting the audience catch their breath. Singer Alison Mosshart was captivating to watch with countless hair flips, eccentric dancing, and some bad-ass leather pants. Both she and guitarist Jamie Hince made full use of the stage enticing the crowd with eye contact and face to face singalongs; if they were allowed to jump into the crowd I think they would have. They ended with 'Sour Cherry' which I realized I recognized. Thanks to Google I found it was featured in a scene from 'The House Bunny.' If you haven't seen it, or even if you have here's the clip:

The House Bunny - Favorite Scene

HQ- I OWN NOTHING. i love this scene. x3

Their set was led by heavy guitar riffs and synth background beats. I couldn't make out a lot of the lyrics, but it didn't seem to matter; there was a gritty rock and roll vibe that engulfed the room. If you're interested in seeing The Kills they're playing a second show in Boston on Thursday at the Paradise Rock Club.