ContactBand Members: Matt Rhoades, Nicole Marie, and Austin Bryant

Click here to listen to "Never Stop"

Bio: Boston trio, Contact, refer to their sound as “post-apocalyptic pop.” This description says as much about the members as it does their collaborative sound.

As long-time artists and travelled musicians, Matt Rhoades, Nicole Marie, and Austin Bryant don’t shy away from drawing from the darkness and recognizing the hardships that are sometimes necessary for inspiration. On the other side, their new single, “Never Stop” speaks to pushing beyond that ragged landscape to the next adventure on the horizon.

With complementary expansive and rhythmic layered synths, artfully effected guitars, rolling waves of drums, and yearning boy/girl vocals, “Never Stop” lends hope that maybe there will be romance at the end of the world.

Where dark and light meet, this is Contact.