Behind The Scenes Of Tom Brady's New Mattress Commercial

Brady.  Tom Brady.

(His new Beautyrest "Black" commercial is so very James Bond, right down to the turtle neck and sports coat, that I HAD to).

He is a mystery though isn't he?  Tom Brady doesn't pimp himself out to endorse just ANYTHING.  Unlike his fellow QB Peyton Manning.  I mean can you imagine Tom doing a pizza ad?  Or worse- singing about chicken parm to help sell insurance?   Hell no.  Well, it's exactly that mysterious piece which makes him perfect to play a James Bond-esque character to push Beautyrest's highest-end mattress.

I can't believe I enjoy watching a mattress commercial but alas I do.  THAT is the Tom Brady effect.  So bravo Tom for bringing in a little bit more cash to support your family and bravo Beautyrest for landing the perfect specimen for the gig.

And they don't disagree with this behind-the-scenes video, a Beautyrest executive proclaims, “This campaign is going to be huge.”

Haha. it already is!


here is the behind the scenes look at the commercial...

Behind the Scenes of "Dream in Black: Suite"

Uploaded by Beautyrest on 2016-05-09.

and here is the ad itself which I could watch over and over....


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