GN’R News Round-Up: Comments From Chirs Pitman, Trailer To Duff McKagan Concert Film

Hell hath no fury like...a keyboardist scorned? Sort of, in the case of deposed Guns N' Roses member Chris Pitman.

Pitman, who joined GNR in 1998 and played on 2008's Chinese Democracy album, has been replaced for the group's current tour by Melissa Reese. In a new interview with the GNR Chile fan site, Pitman contends that he "quit the oldies band. They just wanna repeat that 30-year-old music over and over...boring."

Pitman had previously called GNR's shows -- which reunite frontman Axl Rose with co-founders Slash and Duff McKagan -- a "cash grab" and a "nostalgia tour" but subsequently apologized for those remarks. Pitman is currently working in a new band with Tool drummer Danny Carey and Skinny Puppy guitarist Matthew Setzer

...Meanwhile, McKagan has released a trailer for "It's So Easy and Other Lies: Live at the Moore," which was filmed at a 2013 concert in Seattle to promote his then just-published memoir of the same name. The film hits theaters on June 3.


It's So Easy and Other Lies Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Duff McKagan Documentary HD

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