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So...Perhaps The Foo Fighters Are Taking A Break?

UPDATE 3/2/2016 10:52 PM EST:  So...the Foo Fighters released their "Official Band Announcement," and "For the millionth time," they're not breaking up "and nobody's going f*cking solo!"

At least, that was the statement at the end of the 7:14 clip below.  It was never really spelled out what exactly the future holds for the band.  Perhaps they are taking a break.  (Frankly, they deserve it.)  Maybe the band will use that time off to dabble in some side they've done in the past.

Two things, however, are certain:



2.  Clearly, Nick Lachey has a lot of free time these days.



While reports this morning said Foo Fighters aren’t breaking up, it looks like they are taking a break.

Multiple outlets are reporting the hiatus via an interview from Artisan News Service where drummer Taylor Hawkins states (in a punny way, around the 5:15 mark in the video below) that the Foos are going on an “indefinite I-hate-us” and that since they’ve done so much in the past few years, that they feel the world needs a break from the band.

The band have stated via social media that they will be making an announcement tonight (March 2nd), but as of time of publishing, no statement has come down.


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