Best Albums Of 2015: My Unconventional Reasons - Amy Brooks

I have decided that I suck at reviewing songs and albums.  Sure I post a pick of the week (a new song that has caught my attention), but I rarely feel like I do it justice in explaining myself as to why I even like it. Same goes for why I chose these as my top albums of 2015.  

This is why my explanations are not at all deep nor conventional.  So go ahead you serious music types and shake your head. 😉

Amy's top albums of 2015, (in no particular order):

21 Pilots "Blurryface" - Ok ok, we understand.  You start out as an alternative band and cross over to the pop world.  Hey Sugar Ray did it, No Doubt did it even Maroon 5 did it.  Regardless, 21 Pilots have edge and incredible stage presence. I will always appreciate their amazing style, sound and energy, no matter what music format jumps on the band wagon.

Coldplay "Head Full of Dreams" - Critics call it disco, but I can't decide if that's praise or insult? It's on my best of 2015 list so no matter what this reinvented "disco" sound is... I likey.

Elle King "Love Stuff" - Catchy tune, Ex's and Oh's. But oh oh oh there's so much more.  Try "Where The Devil Don't Go", or "Last Damn Night" on which drums are contributed courtesy of Black Key's drummer Patrick Carney.  I love her directness and the fact that she doesn't wear a bra (but should).

James Bay "Chaos and the Calm" - Met him and fell in love, not sure if that's objective when explaining the quality of the album.

Muse "Drones" - This album is deservedly nominated for rock album of the year and if they win, I will strip naked and run down Landsdowne.

Cage The Elephant "Tell Me I'm Pretty" - Unsung but not unworthy.  Every song has IT, whatever that is and whatever that means to you.

Florence and the Machine "How Big How Blue How Beautiful" - She says this is an album she wrote as an apology to herself.  No apologies necessary Flo.

Mumford and Sons "Wilder Mind" - No banjo?  No worries!  They just "didn't feel like picking one up" for this album.  And it was markedly amazing regardless.

Imagine Dragons "Smoke and Mirrors" - Hard to believe this is only their sophomore record.  2 albums to their name and they are seasoned veterans. Can't argue with that. Although something tells me you probably will.  😉

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds "Chasing Yesterday" - Because he's brilliant. With and without his bloody plonker of a brother.

Rock on, and stay tuned for what to watch for in 2016!