A Scott Weiland Memory - Amy Brooks

I worked briefly for WBCN, a great heritage rock station here in my hometown, now gone like the lead singers of so many of my favorite bands, bands I had heard on that very station growing up.

Scott Weiland and Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots

In '08 their annual River Rave show was at the Comcast Center (now Xfinity) and Stone Temple Pilots was headlining. All of the station personnel, including us DJs, were milling around backstage talking to other artists and listeners and sales guys and clients, when we got the word that the stage manager was ready for STP to start.  No sign of Scott Weiland.  The rest of the band was out of the bus, and someone said something flip like "I don't know, you try to get him out here".  So my Program Director at the time asked me to go knock on his tour bus bus door, "and get him out here".  I was like, "Who? Me??"So there I was trying to pound louder on his tour bus door, than the 20,000 people who were chanting his band's name "S T P!   S T P!"  I started begging and groveling with the silver metal door frame, assuming he couldn't hear me but hoping he could, "Pleeeease come out, we all LOVE you, and can't wait to see you.  Look at all of your fans, they are here for YOU!  What a legacy you've given us"   Blah blah blah I don't even remember what on earth I was saying.  It was a pathetic attempt but in a way I was just doing my job, I was also aware of his struggles and challenges and thought well, maybe I can help him understand.  Ha!  No luck, I turned and walked off defeated...but just a few minutes later, whether it was coincidence or a result of my pleas, he emerged and went directly on stage.  He spoke to no one until he addressed the crowd and he was amazing.  Voice, presence, and charisma.

I will never know if he heard me or not that night, but I'd like to believe he got my message somehow, especially now that he is gone.

Here is the setlist from that show.  Talk about a library of legendary songs...

  1. Sex Type Thing   Encore:

On a different note - here is a video I found of one of his final interviews.  Sadly he doesn't look well.

Wish it had been with me.

RIP Scott Weiland thank you for your music, your presence and your charisma.

-Amy Brooks