Dead Weather Release Kick-Ass Video Featuring Alison Mosshart

The Dead Weather has released the fourth and final member video in support of its new album, "Dodge & Burn," saving singer Alison Mosshart for last.

In the seven-minute clip, directed by Jack White, Mosshart is seen driving a car and discussing songwriting, noting that she takes notes while behind the wheel and admits that is "dangerous."

"I just notice that when I'm driving, especially on the highway, I just get ideas," Mosshart says in the clip. "There's something about that sort of speed and weird level of concentration when you're diving that leaves a part of your brain open for that kind of stuff."

The video also includes a band performance of the "Dodge & Burn" track "Lose the Right" on a soundstage, amidst a pile of tires and a corps of body-stockinged figures which gradually surround Mosshart.

Guitarist Dean Fertita, meanwhile, tells us it was appropriate to keep Mosshart's video for last because of her creative role in making "Dodge & Burn:" "I can't say enough about her. To me she's the star of this record. Her lyrics, everything about her voice...I'm so happy that we were able to give her, I hope, the stage that she needed for those words and for expressing herself in this way. I just feel so fortunate we have that kind of relationship... For her on this record we were all just blown away with how great she was from start to finish."

Dead Weather Release Kick-Ass Video Featuring Alison Mosshart

"Dodge & Burn," the Dead Weather's third album, was released on September 25 on White's Third Man Records label.

The group has elected not to tour in support of the album due to their other commitments, including Mosshart's with The Kills and Fertita's with Queens of the Stone Age. 

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