Foo Fighters relive a bit of Nirvana's past

Long long ago in a land far far away (1991) Nirvana famously covered the song "Molly's Lips" by the Vaselines, but since Kurt's death...not so much.  Dave Grohl thought it might be  a cool thing to re-live I guess. was!  They've never performed it before, even though Dave regularly used to play it with Kurt Cobain. That changed recently in the Vaselines’ hometown of Edinburgh, where the Foos burst into a seemingly unrehearsed version of “Molly’s Lips.” Pat Smear started playing the song’s riff upon being introduced by Grohl, and the rest of the band just decided to go with it, performing the whole thing. How cool is that??  World highest paid, most talented cover band who also have a vast catalogue of their own!



Watch a crowd-shot video of it here....