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Top 5 Rock National Anthem Performances

We’ve heard the national anthem many times, and the majority of the time, it’s usually some overly-done rendition performed by some “pop star” trying to hit as many notes as they possibly can in their pitchy vocal runoffs. None of that will be found here. Below are our top-5 national anthem performances. And, for those who already have and for those about to rock—we salute you!

Zakk Wylde - National Anthem Golden Gods 2010

Zakk doesn’t even need a sporting event to melt your face with this rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner”. His pride for our country shines through in this performance of our national anthem during VH1’s 2010 Golden Gods Award ceremony.

Metallica- National Anthem Game 5 NBA Finals 2015

Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield have been performing the national anthem a lot lately! They’ve been keeping busy kicking off sporting events in the bay area in true metal fashion. Check these two out kicking off Game 5 in Oakland, Calif. of this year’s NBA Finals.

Dave Mustaine- National Anthem MTV Rock N’ Jock 1992

Dave Mustaine has rocked you in Metallica, Megadeath and now at the ballpark. Check out Dave performing our national anthem before an MTV Rock N’ Jock Softball Challenge. Side Note: Why isn’t Rock N’ Jock still around? It’d be a much welcomed change from the garbage they play nowadays!

Slash - National Anthem LA King’s game Staples Center 2010

Slash is the poster child for the guitar icon. We’ve never seen his baby pictures but we’re fairly certain he came out of the womb with a Les Paul, long-curl locks and a top hat. Check out the rock god absolutely killing it when he performed the national anthem before an LA King’s hockey game back in 2010.

KISS - Star Spangled Banner - Alive III 1992

On KISS’ live album Alive III, Starchild, The Demon, Spaceman and Catman put away the makeup and busted out their patriotism. The group closed out their set with “The Star-Spangled Banner”. Talk about American pride!



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