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What did a Florida woman do to a man who didn’t want to have sex with her?

A Florida woman is currently looking at some battery charges after allegedly slapping and scratching a man she had over when he refused sex with her.

Poor Guy Bought A House In The Virgin Islands 5 Days Before Hurricane Irma

This poor guy bought his dream home in the Virgin Islands then 5 days later Hurricane Irma came through and ripped it apart.

A Woman with a Cochlear Implant Hears a Kiss . . . and a Tough Old Dude Tries His New Colorblind Glasses

We've seen a couple of these cochlear implant videos and they're always moving . . . but this one has a special twist.  A woman is testing hers out, and her husband's in the room with her.  He says "I love you" so she leans in for a kiss. Someone asks if she could hear…

A Guy Accidentally Pops a Cork at His Eyes, and Gets Saved by His Glasses

Kyle Hansen is the co-host of a YouTube show called Awesome Hardware, and he wears glasses, which is important.  Here's why.

A Michigan Realtor Advertises a House Across From a Graveyard as Having "Quiet Neighbors"

We're not sure you would want to live right next to a cemetery.  But at least we know that other than possibly during a zombie apocalypse, the neighbors wouldn't throw any loud parties. A realtor in DeWitt, Michigan clearly looked at that as a selling point.

Thursday September 14th 2017 Dave & Chuck The Freak Podcast

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a city ticketing drivers parking in spots where someone illegal painted parking lines, a haunted house paying employees a bounty if they make visitors pee their pants, one of Ryan Gosling biggest regrets, a drunk dude that swam across the Hoover Dam, medieval erectile dysfunction cures, how going…
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Steve Aoki's Linkin Park Mash-up Is Awesome - Amy Brooks

Miami's amazeballs producer/performer, Steve Aoki, has been a longtime Linkin Park fan (join the club dude), but he never thought he'd ever get the chance to work with them.  In fact, often, back in the early 2000's he'd be asked in interviews; "who would you most like to work with?", (I ask this question of artists a…

WATCH: Chester Bennington’s Son Releases Video For National Suicide Prevention Week

Chester Bennington's son has released a new video as part of National Suicide Prevention Week, joining others in making a pledge to help combat suicide.

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