Snapchat Adds Ticket Buying Into Their App Functions

Snapchat is looking to get in on the concert ticket game - and has linked up with SeatGeek to do it. 

Instagram Has Added A New Feature For Sharing Stories

On Thursday, Instagram enacted a new function when it comes to using your Instagram Stories. 

Apple's WWDC18: What Do You Need To Know

Can we just note the opening film for WWDC18 was absolutely hysterical, narrated as a "Planet Earth" type show, picking apart the animal behavior of a developer. 

Amazon Echo Records Couple's Conversation, Sends It To Contacts

Well, that's creepy.

Facebook Implements "Hate Speech" Alerts, Up Vote / Down Vote Buttons

Facebook has installed a new feature for the platform to "detect" hate speech - by adding buttons to your posts. 

Facebook Is Changing Something MAJOR In Your News Feeds

This is a real game-changer for the users of the Social Media platform.

5 Gifts To Get Your Tech Lovin' Loved One

This year, it's time to level up on your gift giving - and these are the hottest things you can get to wow your loved one this year. 

Are You Indecisive? Well, Instagram Has Created A Function For You!

Following in the footsteps of something Twitter has had for a long time, Instagram has implemented a new feature. 

ICYMI: Twitter Expands Character Count To Accommodate Longer Tweets

That should make our new way of getting political information much easier.... 

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