Rock Lovers Say "Someone Bubble Wrap Eddie Vedder Immediately"

Though Chris Cornell's death is not a laughing matter, many are taking to Twitter, voicing their concerns of Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. 

ICYMI: STP & More Pay Tribute To Scott Weiland

This past Saturday (December 3) marked the one year anniversary of Scott Weiland’s passing, and many heartfelt tributes were made in honor of the late singer.

Remembering Scott Weiland

One year ago today (December 3), the rock world mourned the sudden loss of singer Scott Weiland.

In Other Rock News…(October 24th)

Kings of Leon, Tool's Danny Carey and Scott Weiland make up the October 24th edition of "In Other Rock News..."  Enjoy!

Weiland’s Widow Selling Engagement Ring On eBay

Scott Weiland's cash-strapped widow Jamie Watchtel Weiland  has decided to part with the engagement ring he gave her and has put it up for auction on eBay.

Not-So-Good News For Scott Weiland's Estate...

Scott Weiland left his family, or at least his widow, dire financial straits.

Paintings Of Scott Weiland Being Sold By Widow

Scott Weiland's widow is remembering her late husband via art.

EW! Scott Stapp Unknowingly Rented Same Tour Bus Where Scott Weiland Died

So here's a creepy coincidence for ya; when Creed's Scott Stapp set out on his U.S. solo tour earlier this year, he boarded the same bus that Scott Weiland died on during December.

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