GALLERY: Tribute To Les Paul

Where would we be without the late, great Les Paul?  

4 Great American Luthiers

Fat bottomed girls might make the rockin' world go 'round (thanks, Queen), but America's fabulous electric guitar luthiers make rockin' American music go 'round. Here's a look at some of the finest, past and present.

5 Guitarist Biopics That We Want to See Made

Throughout American music history, we have experienced some legendary guitarists. Many of which, have a plethora of stories that would make for an interesting movie. Here are 5 guitarist that we think deserve to have their own movie.

GALLERY: In Celebration Of Guitars

Musicians and music lovers the world over have loved the guitar for centuries. Many guitars are truly works of art. We’ve put together a photo gallery celebrating some of the really cool and interesting guitars around. Check out Jimi Hendrix’s 1957 Fender Stratocasters complete with burn marks and even a one-of-a-Kind 2001 Gibson Tattoo Super…

100 Reasons Why We’re Thankful For Les Paul

Today (June 9th) would’ve been Les Paul’s 100th birthday.  For a man who truly paved the way for rock guitarists everywhere, we decided to list 100 reasons (in no particular order) why we’re so thankful for the innovative spirit and technical prowess Mr. Paul brought to music.   

June 9th - Les Paul's Birthday

Here is your Content Kit for what would have been Les Paul's birthday on June 9th. In 2015, he would have been 100 years old. You'll find your Fast Facts below the gallery of 4 images you can use for social, email and on your site. Les Paul’s Birthday – June 9, 1915    …

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