Win A $25 Gift Card To Subway!

Enjoy a Mediterranean Collection Signature Wraps from your local Subway Sandwich Shop. Packed with double meat, like succulent steak on our tomato basil wrap or rotisserie style chicken raised without antibiotics on our spinach wrap. They’re topped with tangy feta cheese, creamy Tzatziki sauce, veggies with a Mediterranean flair, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, onions…

We're Dying To Try This Super-Sized Dumpling Dish

According to the Guinness World Records the longest sushi roll has been achieved by Tamana Otawara Festival Executive Committee at the Tamana City Labor Athletic Centere in Tamana, Kumamoto, Japan.

You Can Now Make Stove Top Pizza, And It's Not From A Box

This is no frozen pizza situation, this is a legitimate Pizza contraption that will cure all your pizza desires. 

Would You Try This Venison Arby’s Burger?

Arby’s has announced that they will be adding a new Venison Sandwich to their menu. The burger will feature a thick-cut piece of steak topped off with fried onions and juniper berry sauce.

Like Sriracha? Then You'll Love Their New Product That's Coming Soon!

Are you one of those people that puts Sriracha on everything? Well, this might help you with your home cooking. 

Life Just Got Easier: Peep This Bacon Toaster

What's safe to talk about in times of heated topics? Bacon. Bacon is always safe.

Stop What You're Doing: There's A Hot Glue Gun Specifically For Cheese

The Fondoodler is what everyone needs for the holidays.

5 Unique Recipes To De-Bland Your Taco Experience!

Did you forget that today is National Taco Day?!

This Guy's Minor Snow Storm Survival Guide.

Everyone is starting to sweat over the portending snow fall that is heading to Boston over the next 24 hours. Here is what you'll need to survive.  - Jason Rossi 

Americans try Surstromming. What not to bring to your cookout

What is Surstromming?  Fermented herring.  It's as much a staple in northern Swedish cuisine as the hot dog is in the USA.  Check this out, (if you don't gag you are my hero).  I'm convinced to keep it off the menu this weekend.   Thank you BuzzFeed for falling on the sword so that we…