Blink 182 Play Steve Aoki's 40th Birthday Party

Steve Aoki turned 40 last week and the guys from Blink 182 were there with their guitars! 

Blink-182's Tom DeLonge Searches for the Truth! Out There...

Fan's of Blink-182 may already know about Tom DeLonge's deep fascination with UFOs and the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. Well, now he is taking his hobby to a whole new level! Yesterday (Oct. 11) he went live on Twitter to announce the formation of an institute dedicated to the "outer edges of science and understanding of [unusual]…

Mark Hoppus Starts Clothing Drive For Hurricane Harvey Victims

Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 is among the many musicians stepping forward to provide assistance in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's devastating toll on Houston.

Green Day & Blink-182: Together Again…Sort Of

Green Day and Blink-182 are recreating their 2002 Pop Disaster Tour -- for one weekend, at least.

929 Podcast: Blink 182 "Bored To Death"

I'm excited to have  Mark Hoppus join me on the latest 929 Podcast. Mark reveals details  about the new chapter in Blink 182 and what went into "Bored To Death."   - @JasonDRossi

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Steve Aoki Remixes Blink 182's Bored To Death

blink 182... Steve Aoki style. Check out this new remix which intertwines scenes of Aoki's live shows and Blink-182's video for Bored to Death.   Steve is a big fan of Blink's and vice versa... "I was in college at the time, sophomore year at UCSB 1996-97, and a roommate of mine was blasting Cheshire Cat…

Blink 182 Explains New Album "California" Track By Track

blink 182 fans unite.  I know if you are a blink fan you will always love and appreciate Tom.  But with Tom DeLonge out and Matt Skiba now helping round out this long running trio, is surprisingly better than ever for the band. The new album ("California") is selling like crazy.  Their summer tour…

JULY 1: Blink 182 Drops "California" And Performs On GMA

Blink 182 dropped their long anticipated new full length "California" today and their promoters are doing well by them for getting them on Good Morning America to celebrate the event. Love to see Travis kill it back there....and to see Matt Skiba looking and sounding likes he's played with them forever. I think aside from…

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