'The Lion King' Reboot Cast Is A Dream Come True

Images were circulating, sharing the "to be" cast, but we've got confirmation from Beyonce!

Diane Warren Is A Hit Maker

The work of songwriter Diane Warren spans across four decades. From rock stars to divas and everywhere in between, Warren’s songwriting gift has touched multiple genres and has probably worked its way into more of your playlists than you’d think.

6 Of The World's Most Inspring Women

In honor of Women’s History Month, it’s time to shed some light on some of the most inspiring women in business today.

5 Beyoncé Songs For Your Women’s History Month Playlist

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, there is no one who exemplifies female empowerment today than Beyoncé.

Here's Why Beyonce Is In The Rock Category With Disturbed - Amy Brooks

I know I've been moaning about the lack of acknowledgement and the clear waning direction these televised award ceremonies have been moving away from recognizing rock music (ie: The Grammy Awards).  I also know I'm not moaning alone...so when I found this article that I thought shed a little light on the why and how…

NEW VIDEO: Coldplay "Up And Up"

With Coldplay preparing to descend upon the the U.S as part of their A Head Full of Dreams  world tour, they continue to release singles and videos from their latest album of the same name. Enter "Up and Up."  I don't know how to explain the extent of the video's eye candy, but safe to say…

Coldplay Didn't Suck - Their Microphones DID! - Amy Brooks

Another Superbowl, another halftime show to balk at.  Yes indeed.  Superbowl 50 is now in the annals of history (I don't get a chance to use that term, so when I can, I do).  But I won't balk.  I will however file this one complaint. The SOUND SUCKED.  Yeah minor detail right?  And by sound, I…

Coldplay Debuts Hymn For The Weekend Video Featuring Beyoncé

There isn't a better day than a Friday to release a video for a song called "Hymn For The Weekend." -  Jason Rossi The boys from Coldplay and Beyoncé go Bollywood in  "Hymn For The Weekend," the second single  from Coldplay's acclaimed new album, A Head Full Of Dreams.  I'm still not sold on this new Coldplay sound…