Did You Know Jim Carrey Loves To Paint?

"I think what makes someone an artist is they make models of their inner life."

10 Tattoos The Show How Much People LOVE Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels, a well-known Whiskey with a legendary label. Some people enjoy the alcohol so much that they are willing to get the bottle tattooed on their body.

Ay Caramba! You Have to See These Simpsons Tats

It’s National Tattoo Month! Why not celebrate by checking out at some seriously awesome Simpsons tattoos.

Someone Stole Andy Warhol Paintings, FBI Investigates

The FBI is on the hunt for some prized possessions from the Andy Warhol collection. 

Iggy Pop Poses Nude For Art Class

After years of wiping it out on stage, smearing it in peanut butter Iggy Pop is rocking out with his c*#k out...Literally On Febraury 21st, Iggy posed nude for a life drawing class at The New York Academy of Art. His bod was drawn by 21 artists, ages 19 to 80. The drawings they drew will be found in the Brooklyn…

Confused About Art On The Hancock

I guess it's art, I am not one to judge, or decide what art is or isn't. But, although, the mural printed on the side of the glass high rise is eye catching at 200 Clarendon (the former John Hancock Tower, it lost it's name a few moths ago after the insurance company officially left…