The 2018 Issue Of iPhones Will Be Colorful, With More Cameras

In September, we're set to see another group of iPhones releasing, but a new report shared by CNET gives us a little bit of insight on what to expect. 

iOS 12: How Does It Run On Old Phones?

With the hype from WDCC 2018 sharing that iOS 12 was going to support older phones. 

Apple Looking To Pull An Amazon Prime For Their Services

Apple is looking to lump music with news and TV for an all-encompassing service and make it a yearly thing. 

Apple Rumored To Be Releasing New AirPods Next Year

The report comes from Bloomberg, who shares that they will have higher end AirPods, and even over-ear headphones. 

Here's What's Coming For The Rumored Google Pixel 3

The Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL are rumored to be on their way, and their specs are going to far surpass the Pixel 2 and 2XL. 

GALLERY: See How The iPhone Has Evolved Since The First iPhone

Ah, the iPhone. Some would think (especially Andriod Users) that the iPhone is an overrated piece of equipment - but an iPhone is actually a staple in Pop Culture. Between iPods, iPads, and more, the iPhone bridged the gap into a reality of smartphones, making some technological advances easier than ever for average people. View…

Apple's WWDC18: What Do You Need To Know

Can we just note the opening film for WWDC18 was absolutely hysterical, narrated as a "Planet Earth" type show, picking apart the animal behavior of a developer. 

Apple's CEO Tim Cook Throws Some Shade At Facebook

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple says that he feels it's "too late" for social platforms like Facebook to avoid being regulated. 

41 Years: How Apple Has Evolved From Computers To Multi-Tech King

Apple has been around now for 41 years, and with that comes a lot of crazy products that we would have never thought possible.

BEING SUED - Apple Slows iPhones When New Models Come Out

We've always suspected this, but now it's been proven, and Apple is being sued for it! 

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