Apple's Newest iPhone Will Cost HOW MUCH?!

I mean, I can't say I'm shocked. I'm more enraged than shocked. 

Uber Is Now Testing Driverless Options In Toronto

Talk about freaky, how would you feel being in a car with no driver?

5 Photo Apps You Need To Download Now

Wondering how Instagrammers do it - how they have such unique pictures, even if it's just from their phone?

iPhone 8 Prototype Revealed In New Video

If you're trying to determine whether you should wait for the next iPhone before you buy, here's your info. 

Disney To Remove All Content Off Netflix!

Disney is looking to start their own streaming service, which means ANOTHER fee to watch your favorites. 

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Buyer Beware: Trendy Cell Phone Cases Causing Chemical Burns

Cute cell phone cases are awesome, but not if they scar you for life. 

Artificial Intelligence Creates It's Own Language, Scares Humans

Hey guys... I don't want to live in the future if it is like iRobot.

New App For "Constructive Criticism" Turns Negative

I think people have forgotten what "constructive criticism" actually means. 

Employers Installing Microchips In Their Employees: Cool Or Creepy?

What's up, Big Brother?

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