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Drawbridge rises as man sleeps in Miami

A man that fell asleep on a drawbridge was awoken when it started rising.  Watch as he's stuck holding on for dear life!

Taco Bell bringing back "Nacho Fries"...but only for a limited time AGAIN!

Taco Bell debuted its "Nacho Fries" earlier this year, and it was their most successful product launch ever.  Now they're finally coming BACK for a limited time

A Man Groans in Pain While Getting a Tattoo

Somebody posted video of a guy moaning and groaning in pain while getting a tattoo.  He asks the artist to go "softer" . . .

A Chick-fil-A Employee Does the Heimlich Maneuver to Save a Man's Life

Surveillance cameras at an Austin, Texas Chick-fil-A filmed a customer who started choking.  A woman at the next table tries performing the Heimlich maneuver, and then an employee takes over

There's a Warrant Out For a Guy Who Called 911 Over a Glass of Milk and His Lost TV Remote

There's a guy in Georgia who's made 118 calls to 911 over the past three years, but never with real emergencies . . .

McDonald's Is Going to Start Selling Muffin Tops

McDonald's is going to start selling MUFFIN TOPS very soon. 

Dave & Chuck the Freak Peep Show: Two Gay Swans

Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about two gay male swans in Austria that are aggressively protecting a plastic cup and envision their life at a private animal sanctuary.

Woman Forced Ex To Have Sex At Machete-Point

A Montana woman broke into her ex-boyfriends home and hid while he was away. When he returned home she confronted him with a machete.

A Guy Sneaks in Wu-Tang Clan Lyrics During a Talk Show Panel

Dylan Alcott is a DJ in Australia, and a Paralympic gold medalist.  He was on a TV talk show discussing people living with disabilities, and as a prank, he kept sneaking in WU-TANG CLAN lyrics and references.