You're Going To LOVE This New Facebook Feature

There's a new Facebook feature on the block and it promises to save your sanity.

If You're Celebrating National Garlic Day, Here's How to Beat Garlic Breath

National Garlic Day is April 19th, and you'll probably want to celebrate accordingly.

Creepy Tourist Attraction: Czech Cathedral Made From Human Bones

Located inside of the Cemetery Church of All Saints is a bizarre approach to interior design. The cathedral is in the Czech Republic and is essentially the home to around 40,000 skeletons! 

Your Phone’s Apps May Owe You Money!

Who says that having too many apps on your phone is a bad thing? In this instance, it may even give you a small payday.

Burger King is Releasing a Froot Loops Milkshake

Soon you'll be able to enjoy your favorite breakfast cereal at any time of day.

Oreo Just Released a Bizarre New Flavor

When you're ordering ice cream, cookies & creme is always a solid flavor choice.

Weird Two Headed Snake Taking the Internet By Storm

If you have not seen it already, there has been a video floating around on the internet of a scientific mystery.

Which Social Media Platform Attracts The Highest Percentage Of Narcissists?

The concept of social media is fairly narcissistic. You can quickly and easily tell the world every mundane detail about your life.

This Would Make Camping So Much Easier!

Want to go camping this summer, but do not have the proper equipment?

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