TRAILER: New HBO Series Starring Bill Hader

Barry is the new show coming to HBO this year. Bill Hader (former cast member of SNL) stars in the lead roll as a former hitman from the midwest who moves out the LA for a job and ends up joining a theater group.

The Lullaby Cover of Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life" Will Put You Right to Sleep

Sparrow Sleeps did their own lullaby cover of Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind and it's crazy how well it translates!

Stranger Things' "Dustin" Covers Foo Fighters

Once again a video has surfaced of band Work in Progress, the band fronted by Gaten Matarazzo (Better known as "Dustin" from Stranger Things).

Tyler Fischer Teaches Acting Class as Bill Burr

I think that Tyler Fischer as Bill Burr may be my new favorite celebrity impression.

Blink 182 Play Steve Aoki's 40th Birthday Party

Steve Aoki turned 40 last week and the guys from Blink 182 were there with their guitars! 

Linkin Park Share Live Video of 'Crawling'

Ahead of the release of their new live album in a couple of weeks, Linkin Park have shared this powerful live performance of their hit Crawling. 

Billy Corgan Releases Silent Film, Set to Music from His Solo Album

Billy Corgan of smashing Pumpkins has taken the music video concept to a new level with this new silent film, which features the music of his new solo album!

TRAILER: New Craig Ferguson Stand-Up Special

There is a new stand-up comedy special coming from Craig Ferguson! Check out Tickle Fight, premiering on Netflix on December 5th. Check out the trailer below!

Chad Smith Reacts to Fan Calling Him "Will Ferrell"

The fact that Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer) and Will Ferrell look alike has been the source of plenty of jokes between the two over the years, including a drum off on The Tonight Show back in 2014.

Metallica Played On...Glassware?

This is Metallica's Hardwired like you've never it before! Metallica: Hardwired (GauravGlassHarp cover w/ guitar solo) Ever wondered how a metal song would sound on Glass Harp? Metallica has always been one of the root inspirations for me to grow as a musician. Well, here it is! My most revelatory musical work till now Metallica's Hardwired to…