Dave & Chuck the Freak's Tasty Bits

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Latest Episode: Tasty Bits Podcast 03-19-19
Don't have time to listen to the whole Dave & Chuck the Freak podcast? Check out some of the tastiest bits of the day, including naïve moments at a rub-n-tug, having to report to 9-1-1 after your finale, a best man who face planted during a wedding and more!

Dave & Chuck the Freak

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Latest Episode: Tuesday March 19th 2019 Dave & Chuck The Freak Podcast
Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about cops starting to use a “textalyzer” to scan phones after accidents, a listener that unknowingly worked at a rub and tug, a new bill requiring men to report to police every time they ejaculate in Georgia, a woman that licked one of the most disgusting things EVER!, a…
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Checkpoint 76

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Latest Episode: Episode 07 - A Whole New World
Nate and Robbie talk about the most recent patch that addressed Scorch Beast Queen behaviors, but also seems to have buffed her. Plus, they break down the 2019 Road Map for the game, which includes massive updates to the story and the systems of Fallout 76.