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Olive Garden's New Invention Is a Bowl Made of Pizza Crust Filled with Meatballs

The newest item at Olive Garden is the Meatball Pizza Bowl.  It's an edible bowl made out of pizza dough that's filled with cheese, sauce, and 10 MEATBALLS.

67-Year-Old Jane Seymour Posed for "Playboy"

67-year-old Jane Seymour posed for "Playboy".  She didn't go nude, but she looks great for her age. 

A Curling Nightmare!

A lot of American viewers are just now learning about curling, or are getting reacquainted with it.  And so it might be helpful to know that it's best NOT to clear out your own stones.

Courtney Love, Frances Bean Share Photo Tributes In Honor Of Kurt Cobain’s Birthday

Nirvana fans all over the world took time yesterday to honor what would have been Kurt Cobain’s 51st birthday.  Among the tributes were very poignant posts from Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

Dave & Chuck the Freak Peep Show: Sending Food Back

Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about the fears and risks of sending food back to the cooks at a restaurant.

Wednesday February 21st 2018 Dave & Chuck The Freak Podcast

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about what happens when you send your food back at a restaurant, a woman calling 911 because her toilet was backed up, employees at Apple’s new headquarters keep walking into walls, top 25 best super hero villains, a wedding photographer being sued for taking pictures of bridesmaids/guests butts &…
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VIDEO: Vicky Cornell Gives First TV Interview Since Chris Cornell’s Death

Vicky Cornell, the widow of Chris Cornell, has taken very careful steps in talking about her late husband since his shocking suicide last year, and in her first TV interview since that tragedy, she opens up about his issues with addiction.

'Stranger Things' David Harbour Dances With Penguins

David Harbour has been playing Twitter right, and this time it helped him get to a spot where he could raise awareness for a cause.

Ryan Coolger Writes Note To 'Black Panther' Fans

P.S. Wakanda Forever.

A Man Survives a 23-Foot Fall From a Pole

There's a folk festival every year in Russia that celebrates the "waning of winter."  In one of the events people climb a pole to touch a red box that symbolizes the sun. There's video of one guy who made it up, but lost his grip on the way down