Picture Gallery Of Brad Pitt Through The Years - Amy Brooks

Brad Pitt is 55 today but like most incredible celebrity super stars, there was a long hard ladder to climb to achieve this level of greatness which didn't come with out plenty of bumps then along the way, and even still.

As a very young man he worked as a greeter at a restaurant, delivered food, and even cleaned pools of the rich and famous. What did he do with all that money?  He spent it on acting classes.  He already had the effortless heartthrob good looks and charm. now he needed some skill in order to be taken seriously.  Today and through this past 2 1/2 decades, he has achieved not only that but he is also one of the actors in highest demand. Not to mention he is also a film producer (the Departed, Troy, Moneyball) and after the chaos that is his 2017-2018 life, he is spending more time behind the camera producing.

Recently, the actor is going through hard times due to his tumultuous divorce with Angelina Jolie, but in public he always kept on top. Unfortunately for me, since the drama has unfolded with Angelina, Brad has vowed never to marry again (and who can blame him).

Despite the fact that he was brought up in a religious family, he has become an atheist who says he used to only believe in himself. got to give him credit there, he is completely self made growing up in Springfield, Missouri where he worked hard so he could move on and up.  Plus, he actually has principles – he's (again unfortunately) never appeared nude, even early in his career.

Today, if Brad Pitt is in a movie it is 100% slated to be a success at the box office. Brad Pitt is a house hold name that means more than a pretty face.  He has earned and deserves the status of being one of Hollywood's top stars. He has earned hundreds of millions and gives back to charity.

Pitt is the first one to acknowledge that the past couple of years have been chaos with the divorce and the inability to see his 6 kids when he wants.  But hope springs eternal. He has quit drinking and smoking weed and he has found a spiritual way to navigate through it all...by building a fire every morning and again every night.  Fire makes him feel alive.

And alive he is...happy 55th birthday Brad Pitt.  One day at a time... it's best for you of course but it's also all of you that I can handle.

-Amy Brooks