10 Favorite Marvel Comics Stories

As we spend this week giving away year-long subscriptions to Marvel Unlimited, we recap 10 of our favorite Marvel stories.

Twice each day from February 11th through 15th, Alt 92.9 will give away annual subscriptions to Marvel Unlimited, Marvel's gorgeous digital comics portal. Marvel Unlimited provides access to over 20,000 issues and counting - from classic issues to recent releases. Wanna read the stories that inspired the films? Wanna catch up on what your favorite characters are up to these days? Marvel Unlimited is a great way to do it and the app looks incredible on a tablet.

Despite Marvel's vast and daunting history, a reader can jump onto a character or title pretty much anywhere and slide down a fun rabbit hole. Our staff put together 10 cool stories - some essential, some personal favorites - that you should check out. Selections were made by Alt 92.9 afternoon host/Dave & Chuck The Freak producer Al Beck, his Nerd Radio podcast cohorts, and Alt 92.9 music director Joel.

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