Foo Fighters Friday On ALT 92.9!

Tomorrow with the release of the Foo Fighters new 'Concrete and Gold' record, we are going a little Foo crazy on ALT 92.9. 

Each hour from 10:00am through 6:00pm we will be featuring one new track off of 'Concrete and Gold'. Also, we want to hook you up with a FREE download of the record, click here to enter to win your copy.

'Concrete and Gold' Track Listing: 
1. "T-Shirt"
2. "Run"
3. "Make It Right"
4. "The Sky Is a Neighborhood"
5. "La Dee Da"
6. "Dirty Water"
7. "Arrows"
8. "Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)"
9. "Sunday Rain"
10. "The Line"
11. "Concrete and Gold"

Foo Fighters - The Sky Is A Neighborhood

The second track out now from the new album 'Concrete and Gold' coming 09.15.17 Video directed by Dave Grohl. Explore your neighborhood.

Foo Fighters - Run

SURPRISE! Run. Our new song. Video directed by Dave Grohl. Turn it up.