Women's History Month

Breathe In These Mantras On Aging With 5 Quotes From Fabulous Women

As women, we're always concerned with how we look, especially when it comes to getting older. 

These 3 Women Are Currently Making History

For many years, women have put in much hard work in order to make a name for themselves and shine bright. Whatever we put our mind to, we definitely become; as writers, comedians and even directors, we can do it all. Today, we focus on three badass women who are determined to show the world…

7 Women's Firsts You May Not Know

So many women have helped pave the way for all of us that sometimes you may miss learning about a historical milestone and other notable firsts here and there.  In honor of Women's History Month, here's seven women's first you may not know.

3 Reasons Why J.K. Rowling Is A Great Role Model For Women

J.K. Rowling rocks a rags-to-riches story in a way, but when it comes to her back story, it almost is more interesting than any book she's written.

Kimberly Steward Is Taking the Hollywood by Storm

We're saluting history maker and film producer Kimberly Steward and her work in making “Manchester By The Sea."

Brie Larson Will Play The First Female Presidential Candidate In A New Film

And boy, was she born to play this role!

#TGFSH: 3 Reason We're Thankful For Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes is more than an icon, she is magic. From gracing our screens with eye-catching television to being a prime example of success.

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