AUDIO: New Jonathan Davis Track “Basic Needs”

Discover New Music: Arctic Monkeys' Album

TRAILER: Muse Concert Film ‘Drones World Tour’

After announcing their upcoming concert film’s theater release two weeks ago, Muse has finally unveiled the trailer to Drones World Tour, and it truly looks like a can’t-miss experience for fans.

Amy's Pick Of The Week: Bastille "Quarter Past Midnight" - Amy Brooks

The album isn't quite finished but this song definitely was, so why keep it on the shelf with Bastille fans chomping at the bit for a fix? Bastille's Dan Smith decided wisely to release it well ahead of their new album which is still in the mixing stage.  Glad he did.  There is no one…

NIN Announce New Tour Dates, But With A Catch (Oh, and a new album!)

Nine Inch Nails are going old school with their upcoming batch of tour dates with The Jesus and Mary Chain.

7 Incredible Live Bono Moments

Bono is always an interesting hot-button discussion for any group of music fans, but even the harshest critics have to admit that live, there’s no touching the U2 frontman. 

THROWBACK: Sid Vicious Does It His Way

Covers are a fickle thing.  Some are “meh” at best; some end up more popular than the original.  One thing that's for sure fascinating is seeing artists that are polar opposite take on the same tune, and it doesn’t get more polar opposite than Frank Sinatra and Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious.

VIDEO: Dave Grohl’s Stage Fall Close Call

Dammit, Dave!  You’re scaring the sh*t out of us!