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There's Now A Way To Track Your Amazon Packages In Real Time

Calling all Amazon customers: You can now track your package in real time using Amazon's map tracking.

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Vevo Closing Websites and Mobile Apps... About Time!

It was just like fetch: they tried to make it happen, but it didn't work.

Amazon Echo Records Couple's Conversation, Sends It To Contacts

Well, that's creepy.

Bad Lip Reading: What REALLY Happened At the Royal Wedding - Amy Brooks

Now if THIS was what I'd have been watching had I watched the Royal Wedding, then I would've definitely gotten up at 5am last Saturday to see it!  😉 Want to know what really went down during the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle...well you've come to the right place: Please for you own good and…

Star Wars Has Stripped Down, Literally - Amy Brooks

Some burlesque dancers from down under are quite literally performing a stripped-down live version of Star Wars. Appropriately named “The Empire Strips Back — A Burlesque Parody” will be coming to the U.S. with their U.S. debut in California (where else) on May 31, not coincidentally to coincide with the release of the new Star Wars film…

There's Actually Only ONE Vegetable That You NEED To Eat

If you're not a fan of veggies, we have good news for you!

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Popscicle Scented Or Game Of Throne Postage Stamps, You Decide - Amy Brooks

File under silly.  I'm just not sure that THIS is the big idea that's going to help the U.S. Postal Service start making more $$.  The sweet smells of summer: freshly cut grass, barbeque on the grill, the beach, suntan lotion and...stamps?  Well, that's the idea. Only it falls short because none of these summer…

The Yanny/Laurel Debate Began With A High School Freshman

It turns out the whole "yanny" or "laurel" audio clip debate started when a high school freshman in Georgia looked up the word "laurel" on and when she clicked on the audio clip with the pronunciation, she heard it pronounced as "yanny."  That's where the audio came from and thus the ongoing and mind blowing debate. Said…

Laurel Is Kicking Yanny's Ass On Google - Amy Brooks

The internet seems pretty even split on what the hell they are hearing (yanny or laurel), Google Trends show that the searches for laurel are way above yanny  in every part of the U.S.  Which doesn't necessarily mean more people are hearing laurel, but rather that they're searching for it. GoogleTrends on Twitter laurel is ahead…