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Wise Men Say Check Out These Elvis Tribute Tats

No Tattoo Month series of blog posts would be complete without awesome ink depicting the King. Right? Right. And that's exactly why we're showcasing these Elvis-inspired ink spots.

10 Harry Potter Tattoos That Are So Perfect, You'll Think It's Magic!

If you are a huge lover of the literary genius that is Harry Potter, we've got some of the best inkspiration for you when it comes to snagging some magical ink.

10 D-O-Double-G Tattoos That Would Make Snoop Light One Up

We all know that Snoop Dogg loves himself some good ol' homages to his craft, and whether he's cookin', smokin', or rappin', we all appreciate the Doggfather.

Yeah-Yeah! Check Out These 13 Metallica Tattoos!

Metal easily lends itself to tattoo tributes, so it should be no surprise that perhaps the biggest metal band of all time has inspired many of their fans to get some sort of ink.

6 Tiny Tattoos That Pack a Powerful Punch

While body art is beautiful, your tattoo doesn't have to cover a ton of surface area to grab attention.

Saturday Morning Cartoon Tattoo Round Up

Who does not like to get nostalgic about their favorite Saturday morning cartoons? From Animaniacs to Doug, we all have a favorite that we may even still quote today.

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