Dave and Chuck the Freak

Dave & Chuck the Freak Peep Show: Dave and a Senior

Dave shares a story of a parking lot encounter he had with an older guy in Florida and Chuck turns it into one of those songified news segments.

Can You Guess What a Woman Named Crystal Methvin Was Arrested for?

After an anonymous call to police about a group of people sitting in a car, two people are leaving with drug charges.

Burger restaurant patron bites into a burger and finds something revolting!

A guy at a restaurant in Arizona says he was eating a burger last week, and bit into something nasty!

Woman Shaves Her Legs In Busy Hotel Swimming Pool Leaving People Disgusted

Normally the worst thing you see at the pool is an overweight elderly man in a speedo, a random used bandaid or a renegade turd floating down the lazy river.  This might take the cake!

A Guy Is Ejected From a Car, and Lands on the Roof of a House

Closed circuit video on a residential street in Brazil captured a car in the middle of a high-speed rollover crash . . . and you can see a passenger get EJECTED through an open window.  He's sent flying into the air and lands on the ROOF of a house. 

A Man Scaled the Side of a Building to Save a Child Dangling from a Balcony

This was one of the top trending videos over the weekend.  It's a man in France climbing up the side of a building to save a four-year-old boy who's dangling from a fourth-floor balcony. 

Another Department of Defense Video of a Possible UFO

A couple of months ago we saw a Department of Defense video from 2015 of Navy pilots encountering a possible UFO flying below them off the east coast of the U.S. Well, a similar declassified video is making the rounds.

There's a New $1,250 T-Shirt That Has an Entire Button Down Shirt Sewn to It?

Most of high fashion looks weird to normal people.  But this takes it to a whole new level of weirdness.

Dave & Chuck the Freak Peep Show: Running From a Bookie

Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about the possible legalization of sports gambling, which leads to a call from a listener who sounds like he may be on the run from his bookie!

Fail Of The Year Candidate: Dirt Bike Edition

This guy tried to jump his dirt bike but it didn't go quite as he had hoped.

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