Amy's Concert Corner

New! Amy's Concert Corner: June 1

Amy's Concert Corner - Through May 13

Check out who's in town and who's on sale! Thanks for watching- Amy Brooks   Amy's Concert Corner - Bob Schneider, AJR and more! @amybrooks929 brings you the latest in Boston shows!

Amy's Concert Corner - Through May 5

Hard to believe we're talking about May here. Check out the shows in town this week and who's on sale now for the summer. -Amy   Amy's Concert Corner - The Breeders, Haim, and more! @amybrooks929 will bring you all your weekly local concert updates for the week of 4-26-18 and beyond!

Amy's Concert Corner - Through May 4

Matt and Kim, Alice in Chains, They Might Be Giants, Haim...and the list goes on!  They all have one thing in common, they're coming to Boston in the next couple of weeks. Check out my full report here. Thanks for watching- Amy Brooks Amy's Concert Corner - Matt & Kim, Alice in Chains and more!…

Amy's Concert Corner - Thru April 14

What would you say if I told you not only was STP going to make a stop in Boston this summer, but was also going to bring The Cult and Bush with them? You may not believe me but for us 90's rock lovers THIS is the tour of the summer.  Tickets  on sale now…

NEW: Amy's Concert Corner - Through April 10

Spring concert season is HERE! Check out who to get out and see in my full concert run down below. Thanks for watching! Bleachers, James Bay, Franz Ferdinand etc etc... -Amy

Amy's Concert Corner - March 9

Is spring realllly almost here??!  Yes, yes it is...and here are the shows you're not going to want to miss to get us there. Dropkicks, Avenged Sevenfold’s  End of the World Tour, Pentatonix and so much more... Thanks for watching- Amy Brooks

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