Artist Spotlight: Barns Courtney

The incredibly talented and entertaining Barns Courtney stopped by the ALT 92.9 studios this week. Barns played us some tunes, talked music and put up with some shenanigans (that you will witness below). His unique sound, songwriting ability, humble nature and charisma make him, without question, a must watch artist.

- John Mullett (Music Director/ALT 92.9)

Barns Courtney talks about the inspiration for his single "Golden Dandelions"...

Barnes Courtney - Golden Dandelions (and the story behind it)

Barnes Courtney performs "Golden Dandelions" in Boch Studio 92.9 and shares what inspired him while writing his newest single!

Barns Courtney answers 92 seconds of "Rapid Fire" with ALT 92.9 Music Director John Mullett...

Rapid Fire with Barns Courtney

Barns Courtney answers rapid fire questions about himself!

Barns Courtney talks about what has inspired his sound....

Barnes Courtney - Fire (and what inspired his sound)

Barnes Courtney performs "Fire" in Boch Studio 92.9 and gives some insight into the music that has inspired him throughout his life!

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