AJR "100 Bad Days" Live On Kimmel - Amy Brooks

Lots going on with these 3 brothers from New York, Adam, Jack and Ryan...AKA AJR.

They announced the release of their next full length album "Neotheater" due in April, and they also put on a pretty memorable and lively show for the Jimmy Kimmel Live's outdoor audience earlier this week.

They played their brand new single “100 Bad Days” (which we are playing on Alt 92.9 of course) as well as a handful of songs from their 2017’s The Click, including “Weak,” “Sober Up” and “Three-Thirty” alongside “Burn the House Down” from the LP’s deluxe edition.

Here's 100 Bad Days live on Kimmel:

Way to go guys!

-Amy Brooks


AJR - 100 Bad Days

AJR perform 100 Bad Days on Jimmy Kimmel Live R.