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NEW MUSIC: Theophilus London "Only You (Ft. Tame Impala)"

You probably know Tame Impala. But Theophilus London may need an introduction as they team to tackle an obscure cover song.

Here's what you need to know about Theophilus London:

  • He originally hails from the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad & Tobago, not far from mainland South America. Some tropical flavor sometimes seeps into his sing-rap delivery.
  • I loved his 2011 debut album Timez Are Weird These Days. Imagine a marriage of synthwave and alt-rap that was well ahead of its time. The record sounds like he watched Ghostbusters 2 on repeat and made an album of contemporary music; and I mean that with high praise. It's a very specific vibe to me!
  • Arguably his best known track, "Can't Stop" from 2014, features Kanye West. Ye also "executive produced" that album, Vibes.

So London's sporadic collaboration with Kevin Parker of Tame Impala - or Theo Impala as fans and music bloggers have taken to calling them - dates back to 2016. They played some shows together. YouTube clips wound up online. But only over the past few months have we heard fruits of their labor from a recording studio.

"Only You" is an obscure 1984 soul cut from Nigerian singer Steve Monite (NOT the The Platters' 1955 pop hit). London and Parker aren't the first to discover and share the track - Frank Ocean and (Sandy) Alex G covered it in 2017. But other than Parker's psychedelic touches the Theo Impala version is pretty faithful to the original!


Stream Only You here - Visit MyBebeyRecords -

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