Marc Jacobs Wants Nirvana Smiley Face Lawsuit Dismissed

Late last year, the legal team for Nirvana filed suit against fashion house Marc Jacobs for ripping off their iconic smiley face logo.

You may have missed the original story because it happened over the holidays. To summarize, Marc Jacobs released a grunge-inspired line that includes the t-shirt on the right.

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Nirvana are suing Marc Jacobs for ripping off their iconic smiley-face logo

The band claims the fashion designer is infringing on their copyright with his Redux Grunge Collection, which was released in November and features a similar Smiley Face. News of Nirvana's lawsuit broke between Christmas and New Year's.

Issuing a chart detailing the differences, Jacobs wants the suit dismissed, noting that the eyes and wording aren't the same. The Xs were replaced with the letters M and J, and rather than Nirvana, the word 'heaven' appears.

Jacobs further claims that Courtney Love and her daughter with late-frontman Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean, are fans of the design.

This t-shirt lawsuit raises interesting questions about fair use, parody, and homage that are sure to make lawyers drool. But $115 for a t-shirt doesn't sound fair to anyone, does it? Then again, I'm no lawyer.

How do you see this case playing out? How similar do you think the logos are?