After Years Of Set Backs New Album Coming For The Offspring - Amy Brooks

I am pretty sure as a fan, as well as an on-air personality at Alt 92.9 responsible for music news, I have been reporting about new music coming from The Offspring for the better part of 4 years. So forgive me if I am skeptical about a throw away comment on Instagram from the band's 56 year old lead guitarist Kevin, "Noodles", Wasserman saying:

"The album is done. Working on getting it to the fans now. Stay tuned!"

Really?  No announcement, just an off-handed comment in a post from Noodles with his favorite luchador Ramses? Ok whatever, I guess we'll take it.

(The Instagram link with is here below, but ya gotta dig for it):


This week I got to shoot some promo vids for @sabrosotacofest with my favorite luchador, #Ramses, at @artifexbrewingcompany It was a really fun day and I can always quit drinking again on Monday. #Monday #luchalibre #CraftBeer #tacos @ocbrewhaha

3,431 Likes, 61 Comments - Noodles (@thegnudz) on Instagram: "This week I got to shoot some promo vids for @sabrosotacofest with my favorite luchador, #Ramses,..."

Years ago, there was a set back in the album's production on account of Dexter Holland doing important HIV research as part of his PhD thesis in molecular biology . Although, not exactly a rock star's typical side gig, it sure is admirable and impressive.   Dexter earned his PhD in 2017 but the new album rumblings had started years before that!

So now the wait has just about come to an end with this announcement corroborated by producer Bob Rock that the follow-up to the band's 2012 album Days Gone By is indeed coming.

The only hiccup is the band is still looking for distribution, with Noodles telling Music Feeds, "We're thinking we could even maybe do it ourselves?"

I say, go for it guys!  Your fans are ready.

-Amy Brooks