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'The Umbrella Academy' News Story Angers My Chem Fans

A newspaper's rhetorical question about Netflix's 'The Umbrella Academy' triggered strong reactions from My Chemical Romance devotees.

Who knew the mere act of informing your readers could backlash so hilariously?

Last weekend, England's free tabloid Metro ran a story about The Umbrella Academy and its initial success on Netflix.

The paper dared to inform its audience about the background of the show with a seemingly innocent question. "Who Is Gerard Way?"

That enraged certain fans. Why does the frontman of one of the biggest band in the 2000s need to be Way-splained? Metro just wanted to inform readers that the writer of The Umbrella Academy comic-turned-Netflix series is the former My Chem singer. Twitter users exploded at the daily, with messages reading...

????????????????????. ✰ on Twitter

Who is Gerard Way" what do u fuckin mean "Who is Gerad Way

Áine on Twitter

Feeling personally attacked by this headline

Alt Press gathered more angry tweets here. I think a few too many people reconnected with all the feels of their emo youth. They forgot that although My Chemical Romance were massive for a few years, they've been gone a while and not everybody will know who they are.

Metro, and most newspapers for that matter, aren't music sources first and foremost. We're a radio station, and we can assume with relative safety that people clicking on our links either know the artists or only need a quick refresher. It's like the old saying goes: "Everything is new to someone." And much as we wish Gerard Way had the fame and recognition of Mick Jagger or some other Boomer rock star, he doesn't.

So chill out, MCR-my.

As for the band, all this newfound attention won't bring them back any sooner. Speaking to UK paper The Guardian, Way says, "I miss playing with the guys, but I don't think so" regarding a reunion.

But Way did reunite with My Chemical Romance bandmate Ray Toro for a pair of cover songs connected with the TV show. They put a modern spin on late 60's hits "Hazy Shade Of Winter" and "Happy Together".

Have you watched The Umbrella Academy? What can you say that would get others to tune in?