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Studio 92.9 INTERVIEW: Canada's Finest, The Glorious Sons - Amy Brooks

The first time I played The Glorious Sons' new song "S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun)"  I thought, "now there's a band I want to meet, because I have questions!"

For example: Why on earth are they singing about sawed off shotguns?  Of course singing about a subject in no way means they are endorsing said topic, and in this case it's quite the opposite.  I had also welcomed questions from the thank you for contributing!

Well just the other day my hopes were realized. The Glorious Sons were coming to Studio 92.9 and I couldn't wait to pick their tired-from-the-tour-bus brains.

They came with enough gear, their own sound board and producer and of course instruments to fill the room, and as they were setting up I thought: jeez these guys aren't fooling around.

Come to find out they aren't all that new either, so setting up for a radio gig was pretty common place.  In fact they've been around for 8+ years, with several Juno awards (Canadian Grammys) for their efforts. The U.S is just a few years behind.  I learn that they are from the same Ontario town as the legendary The Tragically Hip and Chris, TGS keyboardist, knows the band personally.

All in all a very cool afternoon for this new fan of the band.  Check out my full interview for more on The Glorious Sons and one day when they are Foo Fighters huge, we can say "I remember seeing them when they were new to the U.S. back in 2019":

-Amy Brooks

Check out The Glorious Sons' Studio 92.9 performances below: