Ha! I Knew It! Running Late Is GOOD For Your Health! - Amy Brooks

I am this person...the one EVERYONE lies to about the start time of a party, graduation, wedding, promotion, school play ANY event. If the show is at 7, I'm told 6:30, and when I'm not my friend regret it.  Yep I'm that repeat offender, that perpetually late person.  Oh and how it irks sooo sooo many people.  One time, I was just late enough to my close friend's wedding that when I threw open the church doors from the outside, there she was, with her dad on her biggest day about to begin their march down the aisle (and it will never be forgotten because on their wedding video you see the church doors open and me running in behind them!). Oops, I'm sorry!!

But NOW, today, I have a little redemption.  Apparently, running late is good for your health!!  Wahooo!!

According to new scientific research people who are always running behind schedule tend to be more zen, relaxed, and less stressed out. Now I wouldn't quite call myself zen but I do pride myself on having little stress and being relatively laid back.   The study also explains the obvious....that less stress equals lower blood pressure, lower chances of depression and healthier hearts. Again...YESSS!!

The study also found that people who are late to the party tend to be more successful in life because of their optimistic outlook on life.

A previous study in 2003 also found that late people tend to be natural multi-taskers and smart problem solvers.

I love this study.  I may have to print it and wear it as an accessory.  The best part of all is that us perpetually late people never mind when others are late.  So chill you neurotic punctual types. Nothing's ever perfect, least of all me. 😉

-Amy Brooks

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