Tom Brady Misses $5 Million Bonus But Is Still The GOAT - Amy Brooks

At the start of the season, Tom Brady, per usual and understandably, made a $5 million bet on his performance.  I mean wouldn't you bet on yourself to break a bunch of your own passing records based on past performances if you were the G.O.A.T?

According to the New York Post, it was a friendly bonus deal that TB12 agreed to be built into his 2018-2019 contract. However, this year he will receive not one penny of that that money.

Brady was in line to receive $5 million if he finished as one of the top five QB's in the league in a bunch of QB driven stats, however, uncharacteristically, this year Tom did not rank in the top 5 of ANY and thus didn't get his bonus.

Reports have been that our 41-year-old quarterback has been showing signs of age and that his predicted and much awaited down-slide has begun.  However let us not forget- he just earned his 10th straight Pro Bowl honor (which I'm guessing he could care less about as he never goes).  He has also led the Pats not only to yet another AFC East title but the team's 10th straight.  Plus, the Pats are seeded second for these playoffs and they have a first-round bye (so put that in your pipe and smoke it NY Post).

As all Pats fans know, Tom is not interested in stats, only wins:

"Winning is the only stat that matters" and

"I'm not a big stats guy, I'm into wins"

That's our GOAT...regardless of what bonus money he didn't earn this season.  PLUS, news flash...he don't need the cash, so there's that.

-Amy Brooks

Check out the importance of stats in Tom's own words.  (starts at 2:47)

Transcript: Tom Brady Press Conference 12/28

Q: What's the challenge that this Jets team presents and is it any different from when you guys played them a few weeks ago? TB: Yeah, it's a tough division opponent that we know pretty well. It's a tough, grind-it-out game. They're well-coached, they've got some good players, good defense, playing well offensively so it's a big test.