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Woodstock 50th Anniversary Festival Announced

A big festival in upstate New York next summer will mark fifty years since the first Woodstock. Here's what we know so far.

After months of speculation, it's finally official. Promoters announced a festival in upstate New York commemorating 50 years since the original Woodstock.

Like the legendary event, the concert will be held in Bethel, New York, and will span a few days, August 16 - 18, 2019.

Only this time around, organizers selected a decidedly more cumbersome name. "Bethel Woods Music And Culture Festival: Celebrating the Golden Anniversary at the Historic Site of the 1969 Woodstock Festival." What, someone already used Woodstock '19?

Yesterday the festival revealed some of its features. Concertgoers will find exhibits, a Woodstock museum, presentations by leading futurists and retro-tech experts and, of course, "performances from prominent and emerging artists spanning multiple genres and decades." Organizers will reveal a lineup of performers at a later date.

Bethel Woods on Twitter

From August 16-19, 2019 @BethelWoods - historic site of the 1969 #Woodstock festival - @LiveNation and @INVNT will be bringing you Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival: Celebrating the golden anniversary at the historic site of the 1969 Woodstock festival.

Organizers of the biggest Woodstock anniversary festivals - Woodstock '94 and Woodstock '99 - held those concerts elsewhere.

In an America saturated by Bonnaroos, Coachellas, Fireflys, and so on - how will Bethel Woods or Woodstock '19 or whatever we'll call this thing stand out from the massive pack of destination festivals? Even competing with the nearby urban festivals like Boston Calling and Governor's Ball will create challenges.

Which acts would you like to see at the Woodstock anniversary festival? Do you think it can recapture the spirit of the original event?