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Imagine Dragons Clap Back At Rolling Stone Column

In the article 'Why Mainstream Rock Sucked In 2018' Rolling Stone threw plenty of shade at Imagine Dragons. Dan Reynolds set 'em straight.

Imagine Dragons' rock-ness (is that a word?) is up for debate. The music world at large tends to categorize them that way - probably because they mostly play live instruments. But reality might be different... as we often hear from our listeners when we post any news about them and the words "alternative rock" in the same sentence.

'Why Mainstream Rock Sucked in 2018' praises some buzzy indie stars like Kurt Vile, Mitski, and Courtney Barnett (all great, btw), but spends most of its time tearing down the year's biggest rock tracks and artists. As for Imagine Dragons, the piece calls them "overproduced schlock" and complains that most of their four huge tracks in 2018 aren't even from this year.

Well, frontman Dan Reynolds read the piece and clapped back on Twitter.

Dan Reynolds on Twitter

hi @RollingStone - I've stated in countless interviews for a decade now that Imagine Dragons is not, nor wants to be, a rock band. we typically make pop/urban/alternative sounding music. I have a raspy voice and we play our instruments live - that's about it. thanks!

Polite or maybe a bit passive-aggressive depending on your outlook. Either way, despite Rolling Stone's objections Imagine Dragons are one of the biggest bands around right now. They're laughing all the way to the bank, as they say.