PBR Has Been Saved! - Amy Brooks

When the news broke of PBR being discontinued last month, it went viral with many sad hipsters.  Did the out-pouring (pun intended) of support for this favorite retro brew save it?   Possibly!  Then again perhaps all of this was by design.  Nothing saves an old brand more than the news of it disappearing especially when you put it out on social and it goes viral. Whatever the case, The future looks bright for the frat boy and hipster favorite Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) beer. Amen.

I had written a story about the end of PBR (below) so I thought I should circle back and report the good news.

Miller/Coors currently produces and packages the majority of the PBR beer and the company said that they wanted out of the deal which was set to end in 2020.

The makers of PBR took the beer giant to court and managed to reach an undisclosed settlement.

A rep for Pabst said that the company,

"will continue to offer...authentic, great tasting and affordable brews to all Americans for many, many years to come."

Do you think this was an orchestrated publicity stunt?  I do. But hey it worked.  Now I guess we gotta put our money where our mouths are and actually buy it.  lol

-Amy Brooks

Here's my original story about it going away...

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