Twenty One Pilots Visit A Children's Hospital And Are Asked The BEST Questions

In recent Twenty One Pilots news the crazy hot, popular, talented and seemingly untouchable duo are also do-gooders, and us fans couldn't feel any more warm inside about it.

Josh and Tyler and their small entourage stopped by a Colorado's Children’s hospital to visit with the kids there and to answer a few pressing questions they had.  For example the kids asked how long it took them to learn the hand shake in the music video for “Stressed Out” (Good question guys!! Check out the handshake here).

Another cool question which was poignant to Tyler and Josh because of their history doing "would you rather" scenarios while spending hours in their tour van when they first started out...

“Would you rather brush your teeth with aluminum foil or have a kindergartner pierce your ears?”

Check it all out below, oh and fellas, never stop being awesome and giving back...this stuff means more than you will ever know.

-Amy Brooks

Twenty One Pilots Plays "Would You Rather" at Seacrest Studios in Children's Hospital Colorado!

Twenty One Pilots walked into a packed Seacrest Studio at Children's Hospital Colorado to meet some amazing kids and field a few especially witty and thoughtful questions.