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More Proof That Dogs Are Awesome!

A guy died on a road in China about three months ago, and his dog has been sitting in the spot ever since, waiting for him to come back. 


11月10日,内蒙古呼和浩特,一小狗蹲坐在道路中间久久不肯离去。据出租车司机称,2个多月前,小狗的女主人被撞身亡,之后日子里,小狗每天都会待在主人出事地点等待。司机感叹,"这人和狗的感情得多深!" 更多内容点击头像查看更多! 请点击右下角订阅按钮订阅我们吧~,每日更新梨视频!


Dog lovers leave food for loyal pet waiting for dead owner to return in China

Updated November 13, 2018 17:19:54 A dog that has been waiting in the middle of a road for more than 80 days for its owner to return has sparked an outpouring of emotion on Chinese social media, after video emerged of the pet standing guard near where its owner was reportedly killed.