English Bloke Invents Brilliant Travel Hack To Avoid Baggage Fees - Amy Brooks

Well with what is being called THE busiest time of year to travel (Thanksgiving), and this particular Thanksgiving may be the busiest in years, I thought it was time to find you a good travel hack to avoid those ridiculous baggage fees.

It's not new news that plenty of airlines have been charging for luggage.  Some even charge for carry-ons bigger than a personal item (what?!)  But one genius European traveler from England has come up with an awesome hack for flying.  Don't travel with bags AT ALL!

Lee Cimino decided to employ a local tailor with an old winter coat. He had the tailor sew several pockets on the inside, which he filled with stuff that would have normally gone in his carry on.

While the coat trick looked ridiculous in the video Cimino shared and it's gone viral because it WORKED!

So watch the video and tell me you don't LOVE this guy. He made it to Belfast for his birthday with a little extra drinking money in hand.


-Amy Brooks

Lee Cimino

This is for you if you've ever been frustrated by Ryanair. This is how you get around the new baggage charges every time. It might even make you smile 😀